How To Craft Newsletter Content For Maximum Conversion

Email is one of the most proven sales and marketing channels that convert towards a purchase. In 2020, the average email open rate was 18.0%, average click-through rate: 2.6%, and average purchase rate: 1.23%. Depending on the size of your audience, a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter seems to be a good, reliable source of revenue.

Not every email marketing content is equal, though. In addition to being well-targeted towards your segmented audience (Klaviyo is great for audience segmentation), it needs to be clear, concise, and appealing. The email subject, overall email topic, and call to action buttons are critical pieces contributing to the campaign’s success.

How to do it right?

In this article by Chamaileon, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to put together well-thought-through newsletter content. The newsletter anatomy is particularly helpful when composing email content. Next, follow the checklist to make sure you’ve gone through every single detail.

In Mailchimp’s guide, one of the key pieces of advice is to “reduce the length of your email until you can simplify no more.” Can’t be more true!

Hubspot puts a lot of emphasis on personalization, which is another great tip. Have you enjoyed casual, conversational emails addressing your name more than dry and formal ones? Apply this style to your own emails, too!

Above all, make sure you dedicate a good amount of time to crafting a catchy subject line. This is the entryway to your content, product, and further engagement journey, so don’t underestimate this important step. Headline Studio is a good tool to help you with designing your killer headline.

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